CINEMORATA is a Toronto-based blog aimed at celebrating the creativity and diversity of Canadian cinema. It was launched in 2023 by Michael Thede.

About me

Michael Thede is a Toronto-based writer, editor and PR/communications practitioner, founder of CINEMORATA and organizer of the Toronto Screenwriters Workshop.

He studied film and philosophy at Western, during which time he wrote and co-produced Beyond the Gaze, a mockumentary about a group of people living with a debilitating form of voyeurism known as ‘scopophilia.’ The film won Best Overall Impression at the Western Film Festival and screened at numerous events around Canada.

Michael is a graduate of the Writing for Film & TV program at Vancouver Film School. His portfolio short My Best Friend Charlie, about a retired FBI agent and a notorious bank robber reunited after more than 20 years, featured veteran Canadian actors William B. Davis and Keith Martin Gordey.

He also did some journalism stuff at the University of Toronto and some biz/marketing stuff at Kellogg School of Management, London Business School and Columbia Business School.

CINEMORATA Founder & Editor Michael Thede @ Toronto Shorts International Film Festival 2023

Michael lived in Asia for almost twenty years and once ran a blog about indie film in China (now archived here). He was also the founding organizer of the Shanghai Screenwriters Workshop.

Along the way, he did some time in publishing, product launch and project management, and got a few creative gigs with Disney and Porsche. He also worked on a few films, and even managed the international comms team at one of the top business schools in Asia for a while.

Michael is an avid snowboarder, experienced backcountry hiker, aspiring canoeist and weekend cyclist. He is also married to the best girl in the world.

Contact him at michael[dot]thede[at]hotmail[dot]com or via Instagram here.

CINEMORATA is a portmanteau of cinema (film) and inamorata (enamored or lover).

The logo is inspired by the shape of a camera lens, seen head on, with the aperture opening to form a heart and the outer ring (with a wedge cut out) forming a C. The flat, minimalist construction and use of unique coincidence also serve as a subtle nod to the publication’s Canadian roots and the country’s tradition of modernism in visual design.